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Baby Lock Software – Palette 11

Baby Lock Software Palette 11

This Baby Lock software is an advanced embroidery digitizing software, you’ll create and edit embroidery designs easier than ever before.

Baby Lock Palette 11 software takes your embroidery machine’s capabilities to the next level.

You’ll enjoy improved functionality that makes every step of digitizing easier. All-new editing features help you perfect your embroidery projects.


  • Software Key gives you hassle-free access to Palette 11 capabilities
  • Simple navigation menu gives you quick access to your settings
  • Connect Baby Lock multi-needle machines to finish multiple projects more efficiently
  • WLAN pattern Import/Export (for machines with this feature)


  • 54 built-in Decorative Fill patterns
  • Echo quilting
  • Programmable Stitch Creator allows you to modify any of the 54 patterns to create new decorative fill stitch patterns, or create your own fill patterns
  • Converts fill inclination lines into curved lines
  • Flexible Spiral Stitch moves the radius point to create off-centered spirals
  • More variety and flexibility of fill decoration


  • Create decorative fill patterns
  • Modify fill patterns
  • More flexibility modifying patterns
  • Large split pattern with embroidery positioning sticker (for machines with this feature)
  • Inclination lines convert to a curve by adding additional points
  • Large font mapping for imported embroidery data
  • Lifelike Photo Stitch with increased color control and contrast.

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